What is an artwork you wish you’d made?

What is an artwork you wish you'd made?

An artwork I want to make is based on the idea of “Collecting as Portaiture” which I started thinking about when reading about the exhibition Individual Stories at Kunsthalle Wien that took place in mid 2015. I want to make a family portrait or a family tree that is made up of portraits of my family based on their belongings/letters/photographs/collections of theirs/things of theirs I have collected. I have also considered instead of a family portrait doing a series of portraits of strong women I know and admire, or the people I most admire in the world some of whom I have met and others whom I have not.

Frances Wilkinson

What is an artwork you wish you'd made?

I feel that I can only make the things I make, so I don’t necessarily wish I had made a piece of artwork. It’s more feeling happy for the fact that a someone has invested themselves into bringing a work into existence. The piece I’m most happy for the fact that it exists right now is Megan Cope’s The Blaktism.

Katie West

What is an artwork you wish you'd made?

Breathing Light (2013) by James Turrell!

I was in Los Angeles with Lucy Guerin Inc. (a Melbourne based dance company) in 2013 touring a work called ‘Weather’. On our last day there (which I think was also my birthday) I managed to squeeze in a quick trip to LACMA to see the James Turrell Retrospective. Already a huge fan of his work, this was a special birthday treat.

…and there it was my last stop in the exhibition, steps to a corner-less, cycloramic, ‘limitless’ room; my perception of space confused, every cell of my body relaxed but stimulated ecstatically. An unexpected HEAVEN.

I don’t ever wish to recreate this space (as Drake just has) but the physical memory of this encounter will stay with me forever, and has already deeply impacted on intentions within my own choreographic work.

Lilian Steiner

What is an artwork you wish you'd made?

When first watched a video recording of Karen Finley’s Make Love in my first year of university, I’d never seen anything like it. A stage full of Liza Minnelli impersonators singing cabaret hits and numbers from her repertoire, most of them very badly. The image of Liza was essentially a metaphor to (abstractly) explore and express the identity of New York city, post 9/11. From memory, it was funny, awful, uncomfortable, spectacular and camp all at one. I’ve not watched it since that first year of university, so it might not have dated well, but at the time I was so inspired and jealous that I really wish I had made it, or at least I wish I was in it impersonating Liza Minnelli.

Nat Randall

What is an artwork you wish you'd made?

I’m gonna change this question to DANCEWORK/DANCEMOVE and say five:

Untrained, Lucy Guerin

The Aloof, Bob Fosse

The Dougie, Cali swag district

The Long Grass, Vicki Van Hout

The Hole, BatSheva/Ohad Naharin

There are many more, however I am making things and watching new things and being frustrated and illuminated and trying to make dancework that will make people go “shit I wish I had thought of that?” – among other thoughts.

Amrita Hepi

What is an artwork you wish you'd made?

This question is a bit ambiguous. I am unsure if you mean a work by someone else that I wish was my own, or a work that I wish I had made but had not for some reason. If the latter, there are countless little ideas continually bubbling up into the possible, some make it into the actual, while others linger as possible futures. I could not choose one. However, if you meant the former, I really have never wanted to make anyone else’s work. If I like a work, I am just glad it exists and want it to be open and accessible to others to experience.

Benjamin Forster

What is an artwork you wish you'd made?

Pollen from Hazelnut, Wolfgang Laib. Living in an architectural glasshouse in the mountains, spending every day collecting pollen from blossoming trees like a humble German bee, thinking about taoism, then travelling with that pollen carefully packed in a jar and gently sprinkling it over a gallery floor for people from far and wide to come marvel at.

Pony Express